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Clowning Around For A Good Cause: Red Nose Day!

This is our first time celebrating the Red Nose Day at The Fountains at Greenbriar. This year we were able to raise a little over $100 through our red nose purchases from our local Walgreens. The proceeds go to the Comic Relief program that help to support children living in poverty in the United States and abroad. At Greenbriar we always love to rally and champion causes helping children to thrive. In fact, we have a program called Watermark for Kids that raises money for underserved children in local Watermark Retirement Communities nationwide. This year we were able to raise some funds to purchase some laptops for some very deserving children at James Lewis Elementary School in Blue Springs. These children all received laptops and cases to help aid them in their academic pursuits with a host of online resources and educational programs that will strengthen their opportunities to thrive in their learning! If you are interested in finding out more about Watermark For Kids and our mission to serve children in our local retirement communities please visit this web address to learn more: http://www.watermarkforkids.org/

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