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Forever Red & Gold in our hearts!

Despite the upset against the New England Patriots, the residents are supporting our Kansas City Chiefs loud and proud! For a moment we had our sights set on a magnificent year with the Royals winning the World Series and the prospects of having the Chiefs in the playoffs…and dare I say hopes of a Super Bowl trip, but that will be saved for another year. As a result, our Greenbriar Chiefs fans are invigorated and ready for the 2016 season. The residents would like to congratulate the Kansas Chiefs for a fabulous year and a phenomenal 11 game winning streak…the best in franchise history! Next year is going to be our year! Resident Dorothy Erickson was a committed fan this year and she didn’t miss a game. From the moment of kick-off to the final conclusion she was there to cheer on the Chiefs. The glowing look in her face gave a promising feeling of a Chiefs victory. She too agrees that they will come back even better next year. Go Chiefs!

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