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Tea time… is a fun time!

Tea Time-Group

This semester in our Watermark University program we have a Tea Tasting class every month to educate our residents and associates about the varieties of teas from around the world. This month we covered “white tea” which is the very finest of the early tea crop. This tea is the least processed off all the teas and is highly regarded by many cultures as the best in tea quality. In our class we learned about different regional white teas and where they are grown. Most of the white tea is grown in China. The tradition of white tea as a delicacy has spanned nearly a millennia in China and was considered the tea of royalty. As a result, a quality white tea fetches a pretty nice price, but once you try it…you will taste the difference! Our sample of loose leaf white tea was mixed with dried berries and had a very rich and complex flavor. It was definitely a favorite by the residents. Next month we will be learning about “green teas” and trying some samples too! Until our next time…happy steeping and bottoms up!

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