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A few weeks ago we were fortunate to have a visiting Dining Service Resource at our community, Pat Caffrey! Pat is a wonderfully talented culinary consultant from our Resource Center in Tucson, Arizona. He has spent his career as a Dining Services Director at The Fountains at La Cholla in Tucson. Since his retirement, he has taken on a new endeavor of ice sculpting, which he is exceptional at. However, it was upon his visit that we discovered another hidden talent…yo-yo! He has been a yo-yo competition performer since his youth and was even the state of Arizona’s yo-yo champion for many consecutive years which won him the privilege of traveling with Duncan Yo-Yo Company to demonstrate some of their newest yo-yos. So, Pat graciously pleased a captivated audience with a great yo-yo trick demonstration, and the audience could see he had many tricks up his sleeves (even though they were rolled up). :) The residents were so grateful to have this opportunity to share with Pat and his passion for yo-yo tricks. Thanks again Pat!

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