221b Baker Street… A Near Crackable Caper!

Once again the Greenbriar gang ventures off to another perplexing puzzle of sleuthing and problem solving fun! Our experience at the Kansas City Escape Room lead us to the apartment of one Mr. Sherlock Holmes of 221b Baker Street. The adventure awaited through the doors of this precarious London flat. Aloof from his current dwelling, Sherlock ventured to Austria in pursuit of his arch nemesis Professor Moriarty! We first traveled to a delicious Viennese Restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri in hopes of spotting our dashing-detective, but with no avail! Though, we must all say that the spaetzle and sauerbraten were most delightful! Off we scurried to the humble abode of Sherlock’s most pragmatic-pad! Amidst our pursuit of the fleeing foe we solved a plethora of paradoxes that kept us at an arm’s length of the coattails of our criminal. Whilst zigging and zagging after our man…our trail went cold. Behold, we narrowly almost cracked this coconut…if only five minutes more! So, our determined crew of Greenbriar detectives will continue this caper once more in hopes of getting our victory over this room of inescapability! To be continued…

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