Active Aging: Burr Oaks Nature Walk

Last week we celebrated Active Aging Week at our community and as part of that week we had a variety of offerings that will promote a healthy aging lifestyle, and many of those offering are already integral parts to our activity programming. In addition to the norm, we had a nature walk at Burr Oaks Nature Reserve in Blue Springs, Missouri. It was a great opportunity for a few of the residents to get out in nature and enjoy a mile and half walk through the woods. It was also a great experience for resident Richard Wheaton who is an avid photographer and was able to finally get some beautiful nature landscapes in his photo repertoire. In addition to this experience being a great exercise opportunity, it was also a great learning experience for the residents at the Wildlife Center. We learned about many indigenous varieties of snakes, fish, amphibians, toads, frogs, and birds! Our favorite of them all was a male toad who was very active in his enclosure. It even looks as though he was smiling for the camera! We had a great time enjoying the great outdoors! Next time we set out for the forest you should come take a stroll with us in the woods! Till then!

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