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Active Aging: Pool!

Residents participated in Active Aging Week by engaging in a game of “9-Ball” pool. This activity is a great contributor to physical, intellectual, and social wellness! The physical wellness was supported by the participation in the game. Intellectual wellness was stimulated in the problem solving of the game, and of course the social wellness was contributed by the interaction with friends while playing the game. When we put things into perspective of what we are already doing, we can see that we are already supporting our dimensions of wellness with things that we already love to do! There’s a good chance that if you love to do it…you are already giving in a positive way to your “wellness factor”! It was a blast watching the residents thrive with this activity at Greenbriar!

FYI – Barbara Tice was mighty impressive with her pool skills! She won three of the eight games. Way to go Barbara!

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