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Active Aging Week: Yoga Stretch

Hello Readership!

I’ve gotten a little behind on my posts because we’ve been having a lot of fun things going on in the community, but I will be filling you in shortly with a lot of updates.

As part of Active Aging Week we had a lot of participating classes, and one of them that was extremely successful was our Yoga Stretch Class. This class does standing and sitting yoga stretch poses. It is a great opportunity for a novice or a professional yoga student. The class was very engaged in their stretching poses. One of our residents, Loretta Weisbrod, was a “limber Lucy” when it came to the arm wrap stretch. Many of us tried and failed at that stretch, but to Loretta it was as easy as cream pie! After our 45 minutes of stretching we cooled down with a deep breathing exercise and meditation. It was a great opportunity for the residents to learn some low impact stretching techniques that help to support range of motion, flexibility, and mobility too! That class was indeed a success! I don’t know if I will ever be a Yoga guru, but one thing is for sure…I’m getting closer to touching my toes! 🙂

Happy stretching!

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