Amish for a day!

The Residents recently got the opportunity to slow down and experience country life in Jamesport, Missouri. We were privileged to have the opportunity to share in on a day outing with the Amish community in Jamesport. We started our morning off with a pleasant drive up to Jamesport with a scenic view of the countryside. Many residents reminisced and were reminded of their life as a child, teen, or young adult living on their family farms as well. When we arrived to the town, we enjoyed a delicious country meal at Gingerich Dutch Pantry Restaurant. After our meal we took a stroll through the downtown community and visited a variety of shops. Before leaving Jamesport we headed through the gravel roads of the Amish community and we were pleasantly caught in an Amish traffic jam behind two buggies. Once we arrived at the H & M Amish Country Store, we bought Amish made goods including breads, jams, jellies, candies, pastries, and much more! The gang had a wonderful time taking a sabbatical from the city and spending the day in the country with the Amish!

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