“Up…up…and away!” Sky Safari and Kansas City Zoo Outing

The Kanas City Zoo is always a fun and exciting outing for any animal enthusiast. With over 1,300 varieties of mammals, reptiles, and birds to see, you can hop back and forth between about 4 different continents all in one place! The residents highlight for the day was the African Sky Safari, which is a ski lift that takes you to heights of about 65 feet over a created African plain. Getting the bird’s eye view of giraffes, lions, cheetahs, ostriches, antelope, water buffalo, hippos, rhinoceros, elephants and many variety of African birds is a pretty unique opportunity to experience on an African safari. Many of the residents would have to agree that their least favorite part of the zoo would be the reptile sanctuary, especially the Burmese Python. But, still pretty cool if you like reptiles! The residents got to ride a variety of modes of transportation at the zoo, which included a train ride through a tunnel, a boat ride with hippos, a tram ride with the kangaroos, and of course the ski lift at the Sky Safari ride! Many unique opportunities to view the zoo were available, and we took them all! The sun was out and bright and it was a wonderful day to spend at the zoo. The residents wouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to “monkey around” at the zoo! 🙂

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