Baseball and Barbeque…Kansas City style!

Saturday, August 22nd, the gang took a trip to Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque on Brooklyn Avenue in the heart of Kansas City for a little-o-slice of Kansas City hospitality! Following a delicious barbeque lunch, we headed to the historic 18th and Vine Jazz district to go to The Negro League Baseball Museum. Hailing as one of the premiere baseball history museums in the country, we learned about how Kansas City played an integral role in developing The Negro Baseball League. It made us proud to see the influential role the Kansas City Monarch’s played in contributing to the desegregation of Major League Baseball, and how the Monarch’s was the ball club to foster the young talent of Jackie Robinson! Robinson was the first African-American baseball player to play for a Major League Baseball team, and he would go on to set records that still haven’t been broken today. Robinson became such an integral part of the American baseball experience that it seems unimaginable to think of the game today, without him! It was a humbling experience for all that participated. On our next trip back to the museum, we plan to swing next door and check out the American Jazz Museum and learn more about that unique sound of Kansas City Jazz, and Kansas City’s very own Charlie “Bird” Parker! We’ll see you on our next trip!

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