Belton Trip: Tara’s Malt Shop & Belton/Grandview/Kansas City Railroad Co.

Today we took an extraordinary outing with our residents. Traveling 40 miles South of Independence we took a day trip to Belton, Missouri. We enjoyed lunch at Tara’s Café and Malt Shop in historic downtown Belton. After enjoying a delicious lunch of burgers, Rueben’s, onion rings, French fries, malts, shakes, and banana splits (yum) we headed to the Belton/Grandview & Kansas City Railroad for a train ride in a 1930’s Pullman style car, which served as a transportation car in New York City (until retired in the 1960’s) was now fitted for traveling on the BG&KC Railroad. The BG&KC Railroad is still one of the largest privately owned and maintained lines in the United States. Their purpose is to educate about the transportation of train travel and preserve the history with a living history experience. The residents got that transportation history experience today when they got to ride in a Pullman style car, but much to our surprise we got to relive a piece of Hollywood history as well! The Pullman car that the Greenbriar gang was on was used in the movie Biloxi Blues with Matthew Broderick, which he actually filmed his scenes in this very same car, pretty cool! 🙂

The residents road the rails like in the good ol’ days! It brought back some good memories for the residents that would have rode the rails on these very same type of cars. They were pretty “bare bones,” said resident Ralph Ireland. “You had your bench seats, some fans, a couple of light fixtures, your overhead luggage rack, and you were ready to travel cross country,” he said with a smile! “Needless to say, traveling has improved tremendously in the past 80 years,” as he smiled and winked! The residents all had a great time traveling the rails again and reminiscing about how traveling by train was as common as taking a plane is today. It was a neat learning experience for us all and a great day to thrive with an extraordinary opportunity such as this. A great day to travel by rail!

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