You can be HIPster at any age!

As part of a fun theme for the month we decided to create an intergenerational opportunity to bend the age spectrum and have a little fun while doing it! As part of our intergenerational opportunity we decided to create an experience that would unify and educate our senior population about the sub-culture of “Hipsters”. Our themed day…which we affectionately called “A Hipster’s Day Outing In The City,” was a spot on experience for the residents to learn about some of the socio-economic interests of the Hipsters, and of course the fashion! Our residents and associates dressed up and adorned their best Hipster attire to a local farm-to-table restaurant called Blue Bird Bistro as well as a local economy produced clothing store called A Westside Storey. To finish off our Hipster day we ended up at The Roasterie Coffee Factory where we learned all about artisanal coffee roasting from our local Fair Trade coffee company. Of course as part of any Hipster day, we enjoyed a delicious cup of locally brewed beverage from the Roasterie Café. It was a great way for the residents to learn about the Hipster sub-culture, and enjoy a fun-filled day outing while doing it! Just to prove…you can be hip at any age!

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