Category: Resident Voices

May 3, 2019

Resident Paul Wilson is Enjoying Care-Free Living and Delicious Dining Options at The Fountains

DO YOU KNOW BEST? Exploring your retirement living options today will help you make an informed decision on how to live your best life tomorrow. “I’m just 70 now. I’ve got a whole lot of living to do here so you know I’m determined not to be cooped up.” – Paul Wilson, resident of The […]

March 2, 2017

Resident Jerry Rice is Enjoying Less Worries and Delicious Cuisine at The Fountains

THINK AHEAD, PLAN AHEAD If you think your needs won’t change with age, you’re dreaming. Explore your options and plan your best future today. “The idea that you will never get old is a big mistake because if you live long enough to keep breathing and saying, ‘Yes, dear,’ you will get old.” – Jerry […]

January 25, 2017

Resident Ted Scott is Enjoying Friendly Neighbors and Stimulating Watermark University Classes at The Fountains

MOVE FORWARD Overstaying your welcome in your own home can lead to serious setbacks. The right retirement community can help you move forward again. “I’m going forward not backward… I saw the advantage of people, being around people, keeping me socially alert, conversationally alert, some are not as up on topics necessarily that I might […]

November 21, 2016

Resident Richard Wheaton is Enjoying Friendly Neighbors and Fun Activities at The Fountains

WHY TAKE THE ROUGH ROAD? Life’s journey can be so much more enjoyable when you choose to live in an environment of friendship and support. “I had lived in a house not far from here, Kings Highway and 35th Street. I lived there after she passed away about eight or nine years. It was getting […]

October 21, 2016

Resident Shirley Johnson is Enjoying New Friendships and Peace of Mind at The Fountains

INDEPENDENCE WITH NO REGRETS If you thrive on independence, you’d be wise to make your own decisions about your future. Have you explored your options? “I’m independent enough I didn’t want somebody else telling me, ‘Now, it’s time for you to do this, that or the other.’ I wanted to make those decisions for myself […]

September 9, 2016

Resident Audrey Wells is Enjoying a Supportive Community of Friends and an Eclectic Atmosphere at The Fountains

FIND YOUR GEM You aren’t likely to discover the pathway to your best future unless you take the time to explore your options. “Watermark has a gem here at The Fountains at Greenbriar. It is a wonderful home. It’s a decision I don’t think I’ll ever regret.” – Audrey Wells, resident of The Fountains at […]

September 9, 2014

Bob and Barbara Tice talk about their decision to move to a retirement community.

“I think it relieves you of a lot of worries and responsibilities in maintaining your own home and I think it keeps you active here and the fact that you're eating with different people in the dining room, you’re socializing more and if you were in your own home I think you would tend to […]

July 21, 2014

Dorothy Erickson talks about her decision to move to a retirement community.

…I had a once-in-a-lifetime issue with blood pressure so I saw the doctor and he said I couldn't live alone anymore. I didn't agree with him but my daughter had heard from a friend that lives up Lee's Summit about this place, about The Fountains, and she brought me immediately here and I rented an […]