City Scavenger Hunt Makes History!

Everybody loves a good scavenger hunt, right? How about taking it outside the walls of your home and into the city? We have done that at The Fountains at Greenbriar numerous times in Kansas City, in fact we have had 5 successful scavenger hunts in Kansas City, but we have yet to do one in our own town, Independence. Last Saturday, that all changed!

The premise behind the scavenger hunts is to learn about the unique history of our city and the neighboring cities. As a part of the scavenger hunt we use such things as historical buildings, statues, monuments, and commemorative plaques that paint the picture in our mind of the history of our city, and how it was shaped through history into what we have come to know it as today. Just a few of the places we scavenged were the Harry Truman Statue at the Courthouse, The General Andrew Jackson Statue, The Hiram Young Park & Headstone at Woodlawn Cemetery, Vaile Victorian Mansion, Bingham-Waggoner Estates, The Waggoner-Gates Grist & Flour Mill remains, and so much more.

In our span of nearly 3 hours on the scavenger hunt we learned about almost 190 years of Independence history and from this very successful outing we are already planning our next scavenger hunt for Independence because there is much more to learn! We hope you are inspired to get out and learn about your own local history too.

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