City Wide Scavenger Hunt: Kansas City Edition!

On Saturday August 29th, the gang hit the streets to explore the city…Kansas City that is! We arranged for a secret scavenger hunt to be made with different landmarks in Kansas City and we toured the city in search of our mysterious clues. The underlying theme of the hunt was to learn some very unique things about the history of Kansas City through the monuments that are in the city. The scavenger hunt took us all through the city and taught us about the local history of Kansas City and the surrounding area. We saw such things as: The Pylon Bull, Jaunty Jake, Charlie “Bird” Parker Sculpture, TWA Rocket Ship, American Bison life-size bronze skeleton, the largest cap gun, the garment district needle and button, and so much more! The scavenger hunt educated us about our city and as we went from monument to monument we got a wonderful tour of the city as well. It was a great opportunity for the native Kansas Citians to reminisce about the old times, and also a chance to see the new changes that are taking place as well. The Residents loved the experience so much that we are already planning another city wide scavenger hunt with new monuments and more history to learn about! Until then…we’ll see you in the city!

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