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“EnTice-ing” – Making music for over 80 years!

Students from Blue Springs High School’s Honor Society probably weren’t expecting to have quite so much fun when they were invited to pair up with dancing partners from The Fountains at Greenbriar during their annual “Senior Prom” event on April 23rd. After all, the high school seniors are a good 60 to 80 years younger than their elder counterparts, so how much fun could such a dance really be? Well… they were in for a surprise!

Not only were the students treated to live music by the Michael O’Shiver Trio, but also to everyone’s utter amazement, half way through the evening, Fountains resident Bob Tice took a seat at the drum set and jammed for a half an hour on drums with O’Shiver on harp.

Drumming since the fifth grade, circa 1931, Tice worked as a professional percussionist before marrying his wife, Barbara and raising their two sons, one of whom lives in Kansas and the other in Lee’s Summit. When he decided to stop driving and his wife Barbara decided she wanted to give up cooking last year, they moved to The Fountains where they enjoy dining with friends, playing bridge, attending exercise classes, mentoring kids from church and, of course, the musical programs and monthly dances.

Since learning of Bob’s penchant for percussion, finding a band that would let him sit in on a set had become somewhat of a mission for Community Life Director Jason Barrett. Bob’s dream to drum again finally came true last Thursday.

“It was almost as if, for about a half hour, we were all just invited to the Bob Tice and Michael O’Shiver jam session,” said Barrett. “I couldn’t believe it! From the age of ten to almost 94 years old – that’s 84 years, and he is still making music. Wow! Pretty cool to be a part of this,” Barrett said.

Of all the dances, refreshments and conversations enjoyed that evening, the kids will probably remember the amazing drummer most of all. As for being in the spotlight again as a musician? Bob’s smile says it all.

What a wonderful role model Bob Tice became for those honor society kids. He taught them an important life lesson that night: Keep on playing as long as you live!

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