Extraordinary Outing: English Outing and Liberty Memorial

Last week we got to spend the day as an Englishman…and we never crossed the Atlantic! We started our day at The White Horse Pub, which is owned and opperated by some chaps the other side of the channel. We enjoyed a variety of fare from sheppards pie, Scotch eggs, a traditional English breakfast, and some other delicious English favorites. We departed the pub, but not before catching a picture with the Bobbie…he never moved and inch! Following our wonderful pub experience we were off to the World War I Museum and Liberty Memorial to learn a bit about English history. We learned a multitude of interesting things in the museum, but the most exciting part of our day was going to the Liberty Memorial observation look-out. This wonderful monument commemorating the Great War stands at a daunting 217 feet on top of Signal Hill in Kansas City Missouri. A breathtaking view of the city and probably the neighboring 20 miles or so. Our tenacious bunch was excited and ready to go to the top…but not before taking a 15 story elevator ride and an additional 45 step treck to get to the top! Resident Helen Lohss, at the tender age of 97 was thrilled with her accomplishment of making the 90 steps round trip journey…”if only I had taken seven more steps…I would have had one step per year of my life”, Helen said with a grin! Upon reflection over the events of the day the Residents decided it was an amazing day of many first experiences and a great day for thriving!

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