Extraordinary Outing Turn Milestone For Resident Marie Snapp

Earlier in the month we took a trip to the World War I Museum and Liberty Tower sitting atop the hill overlooking historic Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. We toured the museum and saw many artifacts, films, and interactive museum features. However, the trip to Liberty Tower topped our outing with a cherry on top. For those whom may not be familiar with Liberty Tower, it is a monument built to commemorate the Great War (World War I), which sits at the top of the museum below. It stands at a stoic 217ft tall with an observation deck at the top just below the base of the remembrance flame. To journey to the top of this monument is quite a daunting feat for anyone of any age. There are 3 steps into the elevator platform, an elevator trip up 19 stories, and then a 45 step walk up two remaining stories. Repeat all of this twice and you have 96 steps in total…which had a great significance to resident, Marie Snapp. At the tender young age of 96 she was incredibly enthusiastic about accomplishing this task…a step for every year of her life…she was determined! Doubt sometimes gets the best of us, but with an equally enthusiastic group of residents and associates she was encouraged all the way to the top and back down again. When we asked Marie what she thought about her trip to the top of Liberty Memorial, she captured it in just these few words, “it’s unbelievable…simply unbelievable.” We thought so too! Thanks for your tenacity, Marie!

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