Extreme Screen Outing: Jerusalem Documentary in 3D & Union Station Experience

Today we enjoyed a wonderful outing to Union Station to see a 3D presentation by National Geographic on Jerusalem. The documentary was so surreal that the 3D experience had the residents reaching out to touch the images in invisible space. This was the best use of the 3D technology that we all agreed has been used thus far! The documentary was a superb use of imagery and storytelling…it made us all feel as if we had traveled to Jerusalem ourselves!

Following the movie we enjoyed lunch at Harvey’s Restaurant in Union Station. We tried the meatloaf, Reuben’s, and many other delectables! After lunch we perused the lobby, the grand hall, shopping, mezzanine, and the free Union Station history museum. In addition to all of this we could see the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course set up outside. Today was a very eventful day for all the participants! We got to travel to the Middle East, eat some delicious fare, reminisce in a historic building, learn about the local Union Station history, and got to see some American Ninja’s preparing for battle later tonight…all-in-all…the residents would tell you…”we had a blast!”

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