The Four Seasons Outing!

A few weeks ago the Greenbriar gang took a trip to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to see the Phillip Haas Exhibit, “The Four Seasons” before the exhibit wrapped up and headed to Arkansas for public display. The residents enjoyed a wonderful lunch in the Rozzelle Courtyard Restaurant. After our delicious lunch we headed through the museum to stop by some of the classical works before we made our way out to the sculpture garden to see The Four Season’s exhibit. We admired the Renaissance Art, Baroque Art, and the work of the Dutch Masters. However, it was at the request of one of our residents to see Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies,” and she was able to see one of the panels on display at The Nelson! After exploring the museum we arrived to the sculpture garden to see the grandiose sculpture by Phillip Haas. The sculpture represented the “Four Season’s” and the agrarian accoutrement that represents those seasons. This spectacular display of trans figurative design elevated the commonality of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and insects and created a masterful composition of figure and shape that brought the changing seasons to life! Each of the residents and associates chose their most favorite sculpture to take a portrait with. Everyone liked how the sculpture exhibit wasn’t exuberant in artistic airiness, but relatable to all art fans! It was a worthwhile trip to see this exhibit. The residents really enjoyed this experience.

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