Greenbriar Gang Attempts To Escape DaVinci’s Hidden Studio!

This past Saturday the Greenbriar Gang took a trip to one of Kansas City’s favorite attractions, The Escape Room! This live-interactive clue game keeps your mind racing and immersed in the wonderfully themed room. This extraordinary outing was a first for all of our residents. Our gang decided to tackle the DaVinci Code Room, where we were challenged to solve clues, riddles, puzzles, lock combinations, and much more in order to get out of DaVinci’s Hidden Studio all within one hour!

As we arrive we are briefed on what all the room entails and what the end result is for us to escape from the room. Then as we are ushered into the room the door locks, and the game begins! As each of us harness our best Sherlock Holmes skills we quickly start piecing everything together and breaking codes, unlocking doors, matching ups clues, which will all lead us to the final conclusion and out of the locked room! We were quickly approaching our last five minutes on the clock and we know that we are close…but…the time goes off, and we are still inside. The game controller comes over the speaker and opens the door. Well, as you can imagine…we got this far…what was next, we asked the game controller? Just two more steps, she replied. An overwhelming sigh came over our room and we were happy that we made it as far as we did in that hour, but a little bummed that we were so close! Amidst our whole experience we all got the great opportunity to refine our detective skills and we were all committed to coming back and attempting another Escape Room…perhaps we would do the secret agent room next! Hang on Escape Room, you haven’t seen the last of the Greenbriar Gang yet!

Everyone had a blast with this fun experience. To top off our day we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Lulu’s Thai Noodles in The Crossroads. This was a first experience for many of our residents too! So, for a day of many firsts we concluded that we would definitely be back to challenge The Escape Room and to Lulu’s Thai Noodles for a second helping of fun!

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