Happy Veterans Day!

Our gang of veterans enjoyed the royal treatment out and about on Veterans Day. They enjoyed a complimentary meal from 54th Street Bar and Grill, which was a nice opportunity to acknowledge our country’s veterans, as well as many folks in the community personally stopping them to thank them for their service. The gang was grinning ear-to-ear at their treatment by complete strangers. In our group we had representative members from every branch of the military including resident Marianna Marker who served in World War II as a W.A.V.E. for the U.S. Navy and resident June Carver who served in World War II as an American Red Cross Nurse. Our residents collectively spanned more than 40 years of military service and over three wars (World War II – Korea – Vietnam). The residents had a great day and appreciated being acknowledged for their service.

Our weather conditions grew blustery after we completed our meals and as the winds were blowing at approximately 40 mph our residents walked arm-in-arm in lock-step and wouldn’t let the wind blow them down. Resident Ralph Ireland said, “once a soldier, always a soldier!” “Just to prove you can’t keep an old soldier down,” Ralph said with a smile!  And I believe him! 🙂

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