The Greenbriar gang recently ventured to the latest exhibit at Union Station in Kansas City to see the acclaimed “13 Best Art Exhibits” in the world…”The Art of the Brick”! Nathan Sawaya’s LEGO art exhibit was breathtaking and amazing to see. It was thoroughly impressive to see such master sculptures recreated from LEGO bricks with the attention to detail and accuracy as the originals, but none was as impressive as Sawaya’s original sculptures and photography. The residents were all amazed at the grandeur and transformation of a LEGO brick into an art form. It is definitely a must see for any age. “It inspires creativity,” said resident Ted Scott. “I want to go and play with some LEGO bricks now,” said resident Mary Louise Taylor. I think you will find their experience to be yours as well. Enjoy the “Art of the Brick,” I know we did!

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