Life on the Farm!

During the July 4th weekend we ventured out to celebrate Independence Day in a unique way, and what says Americana better than a day on the ol’ farmstead? A group of us explored agrarian life at a unique experience called Deanna Rose Children’s Farm, which is definitely an experience that appeals to the curious of all ages. This experience encompasses a variety of farm life opportunities for everyone to enjoy. You can fish, pet goats, learn about native animals, milk a cow, ride a horse/pony, feed the chickens, or learn about the Native American tribes that inhabited the area, which was the Kansa nation! We learned about life in the 1800’s with the black smith shop, authentic 1800’s barber shop, single teller bank, and general goods store as well. This family friendly activity is a great way to learn about farm life, life on the plains in the 1800’s, native animal populations, and Native American culture all in one unique experience. If you haven’t been to Deanna Rose Farmstead, then the gang suggests you take your family and enjoy!

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