Lil’ BBQ Joint…but a whole lot of fun!

Just a short while ago, a small group of us went out to a restaurant in Independence to get in on a little bit of Kansas City Barbeque action! When we arrived to this retrofitted former auto repair garage we were in for a treat! The Little BBQ Joint still kept in touch with their gearhead origins with a crafted automotive décor that was very appropriate for this place, but instead of tune-ups and mufflers, they are dishing up slabs of ribs and burnt end sandwiches! Delicious! From their roll-pleated bench booth seats to their front end Cadillac bar, mag flashlight lighting, and auto spray paint can light fixtures…and the barbeque was icing on the cake! The residents would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone. It was a very enjoyable and fun experience for car fans…but especially barbeque enthusiasts too!

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