Making Memories with Marie!

Last week we had planned a thrift store shopping and breakfast outing with the residents. Breakfast was a delicious treat at First Watch, and following the hearty helpings of bona fide breakfast comfort food, the group set out to go on their favorite quarterly trip…thrift store shopping. Bargain hunting and shopping prowess comes out in our lady shoppers when they set out to the thrift stores. Many of the residents go simply for the uncertain prospects of finding a great deal, which most of the time they do! This fun outing got even better this time when resident Marie Moss ran across one of her all-time favorite enthusiast hobbies…biking…motorcycles that is! However this gleaming beauty isn’t something for sale in the store, but one of the store’s employees personal effects. Of course Marie couldn’t let an opportunity to saddle-up a Harley Davidson pass her by. Once Karol Swain, Community Life Assistant, was able to locate the owner of the bike he graciously mused Marie with a hop on the bike and a few engine revs to kick-start her retelling of her passion and hobby of riding cross-country with her belated husband. Thanks to the Greenbriar Associates and staff at Thrift World for making our Marie’s day an opportunity to thrive!

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