Meet Me Under The Clock At The Station!

Celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Kansas City’s Union Station…the popularized quote (originating sometime circa 1930-1940) “meet me under the clock at the Station”, was a popular saying of it’s time…especially if you were from Kansas City! In commemoration to the 100 year anniversary of Union Station Residents Dorothy Erickson and Charles Elias reinact a meeting under the clock at a recreated prop for tourist to take pictures. They got a chance to reminisce about all the different people that they met…under the clock!

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  1. Posted on 11/28/14 by Quinn Cosby

    The term “Meet me under the clock” came from when a man and a woman were in love and the would always meet under the clock. One day while waiting, the man had a massive heart attack and died. when his lover found him she cried for help but to no avail. It was to late. Even though this sounds like a tragic tale from a story, it actually happened in Union Station history

    • Posted on 01/13/15 by Jason Barrett

      Thanks for that interesting piece of history Quinn!

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