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Nativity of Mary Children Plant More Than Flowers!

The school year is quickly approaching its end for this year and that means that we get to have one last final hoorah with the children from Nativity of Mary School. Every month during the annual school year, the children come out and visit with the residents to share an activity, build a craft, and learn some great character building traits while serving the residents. Every month our residents look forward to this opportunity to connect with these wonderful youngsters and share in some fun together.

During the summer months, the residents anxiously await for the school year to begin because that means that the children will return for another fun year. This month, the residents shared in a learning experience with the kids as they have been learning about the seed growing cycle in their science class. The children have grown and cultivated plants from seed and document the process to share with the residents. After their month endeavor, they finally have plants to transplant and give to the residents. Many of the residents loved this special gardening experience with the children. It was a blast for the kids and the residents alike.

As you can see by one of our residents faces, Joann Rasheed, she enjoyed planting flowers with the kids, as well as resident Ruth Ann Bullard, who is nothing but smiles! The children will be missed over the summer, but the residents are already planning their time for next year. Can’t wait to see you again next school year! Thanks again for another wonderful year Nativity of Mary! This was a great opportunity to plant more than seeds and flowers; we planted a positive spirit for the soul today!

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