Navigating Nature…and having a blast!

Our Navigating Nature class just recently took a trip out to the Burr Oak Nature Center in Blue Springs, Missouri to incorporate some class knowledge out in the field. This month we had the overall theme of “Identification”, where we learned about identifying insects, birds, and tree leaves. The rhythm of our class goes like this… we spend three consecutive weeks in the classroom, and one of the class weeks in the field applying our knowledge. This outing to Burr Oaks helped us to learn to identify various trees (Burr Oaks, Sugar Maples, Walnuts, Willows, Magnolias, and more), insects (beetles, dragonflies, mantis, walking sticks, and more), and birds (blue jay, robins, cardinals, finches, blue birds, starlings, and crows). The group had an adventure exploring all of the wonderful creations in the great outdoors…and had a little fun playing around too! We are looking forward to applying next months class material of “Natural Edibles” to the learning field. Until then…we’ll see you in the woods!

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