Nelson Atkins Museum of Art: Plains Indians Exhibit

We had a wonderful time on November 1st going to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. We saw a very interesting exhibit of the North American Plains Indians. We learned a lot about the culture of the tribes as well as the beautiful craftsmanship of their regalia and ceremonial customs. We were even fortunate enough to get to go into a traditional wig-wam (tee-pee) as it is traditionally called. On this cold November day it was a great way to experience how the natives would have used their shelter to stay warm. In addition to our tour of the North American Plains Indian Exhibit, we also took a tour of the classical museum side and we saw many interesting wonders of antiquity…one interesting item in particular was a ceremonial mask figure from a Chinese temple…the encounter was very existensial, said Donn Blystone our Greenbriar Driver.

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