Pet Therapy: A Spark To The Heart!

Every month we offer a Pet Therapy class with a visiting volunteer, Vanessa Barrett, who brings her lovable and adorable dog, Jack! Jack brings a spark of unconditional love to all he meets. He wants nothing more to be petted and loved…which is quite easy to do. A great friendship has developed between this furry friend and one of our residents, Corinne Hartnett. Every month it is a great way for Corinne to spend a Sunday afternoon just giving and receiving love. We have become quite aware of the undeniable connection people have with their furry friends…there is almost an unspoken language that resonates in the visual expression between Corinne and Jack. Nothing quite captures it like this picture. It’s great to see how this connection reciprocates an opportunity to thrive for Corinne, but also just as much for Jack.

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