Pet Therapy is a success!

At The Fountains at Greenbriar we realize how much of a positive impact pets can have on aging adults. It is a great opportunity for emotional bonding and joy to be a pet owner. However, there are sometimes life events that change our ability to care for a pet’s physically demanding needs. At The Fountains at Greenbriar we have created opportunities for residents without pets to be able to enjoy the emotional bonding and interaction of playing with a pet, but without all of the responsibilities that comes with it. Every month our Pet Therapy volunteer brings in her adorable and loveable dog, Jack! This gives the residents an opportunity to interact with Jack and play with him. It is a great opportunity for the residents to bond and fulfill their emotional connection to animals, but not to mention it helps Jack to fulfill his need for human interaction and contact as well. Since canines are pack oriented and naturally social animals, they naturally lend themselves to socializing with humans very well. This possibility is a win-win for the residents, and our furry pal, Jack!

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