Pink Party Participants Pay Respect to Resident Survivors!

Every year in October Greenbriar is pleased to celebrate our breast cancer survivors with a Pink Party and informative health presentation about early detection, self examination, signs/symptoms, and many healthful tips for nutrition and exercise. With many of our loved residents in our community we always want to take the moment to reflect on their victory and give thanks that they are still here to thrive with us! This year’s Pink Party was hosted by Interim Healthcare and they also presented the informational health topic. Thanks for being such a wonderful host. The Pink Party is always a wonderful time for the residents to dress up in flashy pinks and parade around for fun and for support of their friends, and none of our residents quite put on the “flash” like Dorothy Erickson…she said, “do you think I have too much pink on?” Then, she looked at me with a smile and said, “as if that was even possible!” Another great opportunity to celebrate our residents at Greenbriar and remind them that we are sure happy to have them with us!


  1. Posted on 10/26/18 by Kurt Smith

    Thank-you Greenbriar staff for recognizes these great Survivors,and bringing the rerrible afflection to everyone ‘s attention.

    • Posted on 10/31/18 by Jason Barrett

      It is our honor to recognize our Resident survivors, Kurt! We are happy that they are here with us to share in many opportunities to thrive together.

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