Prehistoric Paleontology Proves Profound Proportions As Animatronics!

The Greenbriar Gang recently ventured out to a traveling exhibit at Union Station to see Dinosaurs Revealed! This animatronic dinosaur presentation brought the bones of these prehistoric beasts to life in a very convincing and realistic way. Scale and perspective was the most astonishing to the residents. Resident Marianne Shrick said, “I can’t get over how large some of these animals were…if they were still alive…we’d be in trouble!” That fact was quickly realized when we were standing next to a life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex, which was one of the many carnivores on display. It was equally interesting to see some of the giant and graceful herbivores as well…we all enjoyed seeing the scope and scale of the Triceratops. We learned a lot about these creatures and definitely took away a great appreciation for these animals and the amazing habitats in which they thrived and lived. The residents would definitely recommend seeing, “Dinosaurs Revealed”!

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