We put the pedal to the metal and choo-choo through to a hamburger hotspot!

On Saturday the Greenbriar gang headed out to two of Kansas City’s fun places for kids of all ages! Our first stop was at Fritz’s Hamburgers in Kansas City, KS, which is renowned for their drive-in style fare with locomotive delivery! The residents seated themselves at the tables in Fritz’s and perused the menu then reached over to the phone by their table and placed an order directly into the kitchen. The waitress brings out the groups drinks and tells us that our food should be coming down the tracks in just a bit…however…if you are unfamiliar with Fritz’s you wouldn’t realize that she isn’t speaking in figurative language. Literally your food is delivered by train…well scale train that is! Ten minutes had passed and we heard a train choo-choo in the distance and down the track came the Fritz’s locomotive with cheeseburgers, French fries, onion rings, and food in tow! The train reaches our table depot and down the hydraulic platform comes some tasty cheeseburgers…the food is served! The residents and guests marvel at this unique delivery experience that encapsulates the joy of childhood playing with trains and some delicious lunch as well! This experience was a blast!

After we took in the exciting experiences at Fritz’s, we headed to the National Toy and Miniature Museum in Kansas City, MO for an exhibit called “Pedal to the Metal,” an exhibit about pedal cars of the 20th century. In addition to this exhibit, we saw a wonderful collection of toys and miniatures that were a great opportunity for every generation to reminisce about their own bygone toys of yester-year! It was a great trip down memory lane for all the residents and associates too! It was a great day to be a kid…again! 🙂

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