Restaurant or Sports Museum?

Local Kansas City businessman Jim Chappell has created an iconic sports bar that is part restaurant and part sports museum. Starting in 1986, the restaurant started as a local sports bar and through the years has evolved into a sports history institution. Due to Jim’s avid collection of sports memorabilia and history, the sports bar has literally become a museum! Generally, the thought of bringing food into a museum is completely tabu in most museums, but at Chappell’s Restaurant, it is a staple!

Our Residents enjoyed eating some delicious fare and their most favorite part of all was walking through the restaurant and viewing the museum galleries (ie. dining rooms). From Rocky Marciano memorabilia to Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) movie memorabilia to Babe Ruth autographed baseballs to Super Bowl Vince Lombardi trophies…this place has it all for any sports enthusiast or sports history fan. There’s absolutely no reason to doubt as to why Sports Illustrated voted Chappell’s Restaurant as one of the best American sports bar experiences…ever!

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