Running wild…in wide-open spaces!

Lately the Greenbriar gang has been enjoying the great outdoors and exploring some of the fun and playful things that nature offers for the explorer at heart. In light of the International Council of Active Aging’s Active Aging Week (September 24th – 30th, 2017), The Fountains at Greenbriar participated, as they do every year, with a wonderful harmonious pairing of walking and nature. There are a plethora of sources that highlight the importance of regular physical activity and the benefits it has on warding against declining mobility. As part of our commitment to actively engaging our residents and inspiring thriving, we make regular opportunities available for our residents to engage in physical activity and opportunities for fun! This past weekend we spent our day at the Anita B. Gorman Conservation Center walking the trails, exploring wildflower gardens, learning about Native American life, and all the while getting in a 2 mile walk that linked us up to a series of parks and play areas to enjoy. The gang had a blast being adventurous and strengthening their noggin’ muscle as much as their calf muscles!

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