Science City Adventure!

On Saturday, The Greenbriar Gang took an exploratory trip of intrigue and curiosity to Science City at Union Station. We were amazed at all of the different educational opportunities that were presented to us. We learned about the different properties of water, wind, and gas as well as effects of gravity, inertia, momentum, centripetal/centrifugal forces, and some basic scientific principles of gravity and thermo dynamics! However, this experience wasn’t like being in the high school science lab, it was far greater! The whole museum is dedicated to science, and is entirely interactive! We built bridges with magnetically charged sand, we launched rockets with air compression, made a free flowing water course with water and gravity, felt the effects of liquid nitrogen, learned about how the eye perceives imagery, powered light bulbs with a human powered turbine, dug for dinosaur bones, and took to the air in a steel cable rope bicycle ride called Sky Bike! All of this and much more encompassed our journey through this wondrous experience of scientific exploration! In our nearly six and half hours at Science City we didn’t even do it all, there’s much more to see and do! The gang decided that this warrants another trip to the land of science. Until then, take a look at all the fun we had exploring and playing!

The Fountains at Greenbriar - Science City-Sky Bike
Dorothy's got chutzpah!

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