Sippin’ Some Strange Brews in Kansas City!

The Greenbriar gang ventured out to Kansas City’s best craft brewery, Boulevard Brewing Company! The crew had a fun time at Boulevard’s latest addition, The Beer Hall…which serves a variety of delicious edibles and of course a plethora of beer options on tap. There were some specialty blends that the gang got to try that aren’t even available to the general public…special perks! In addition to the beer and food there is also some traditional beer hall games to play like shuffle board, foosball, and even board games, which the residents enjoyed. Our group also crammed into a retro camper converted into a photo booth and we took some fun photos…those to follow the post. After we enjoyed our time in the Beer Hall we took the tour of the grounds and learned all about the processes and production of our hometown brewery. The residents had a blast and this was indeed an extraordinary outing!

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