“On A Snowy Day” – A Poem by Corrine Hartnett

“On A Snowy Day”
I love to see it snow; it is so white, bright, and deep.
The children are so excited to go outside; they get out their boots, sleds, and make snowballs to play.
When we get older we view winter a different way.
We stay in where it is warm next to a roaring fire and we drift off to sleep.
We never lose our inner child, and we can picture them in our minds.
When you imagine yourself as a child, what do you find?
As long as we remember we can bring our inner child back– to us every day!
A wonderful feeling it is to find your child within…it is a reminder we aren’t as old as we sometimes pretend.
On your next snowy day…take a moment to play.
May your inner child never go away!

-Corrine Hartnett
January 9th, 2018

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