Tom’s Town Distillery & Speak Easy Outing!

A group of our Greenbriar gang ventured into the city to check out a new distillery named after infamous city boss and political machine, Tom Pendergast! This new distillery is harnessing a notorious Kansas City history, mashing it, and bottling it in the form of three popular bootleg specialties: bourbon, gin, and vodka! The names for these three crafted spirits harrow names from Kansas City’s notorious prohibition history like Eli’s Strong Arm Vodka (named after “Boss” Tom Pendergast’s personal bodyguard), McElroy’s Corruption Gin (named after Pendergast’s city-manager Henry “Judge” McElroy), and Tom’s Royal Gold 10 year aged Bourbon (Tom’s favorite)! We had a fun time touring the distillery and the residents got to sample some of the products as well! “Woooweee,” said Resident Helen Lohss as she sampled some of the gin! “This stuff will knock your socks off kid, but it sure tastes good,” said Helen! It was a fun experience for the residents to mingle with the younger patron’s of the new-age speak easy scene. Helen was obliged to share her story as a teenager growing up in Chicago during prohibition with some younger distillery patrons and all of notorious happenings in “Al’s Town”. They appreciated hearing her stories and getting an orated personal history of things that they only read in books. It was a great experience for everyone!

To add to our theme for the day we had an afternoon lunch at The Majestic Steakhouse, which is the site of the former Fitzpatrick Hotel and local 1920’s speakeasy hotspot during prohibition. Today, the wonderful steakhouse serves up a delicious variety of fare and likes to stay true to it’s history by hosting live Kansas City Jazz and cocktails in the basement, which was the former site of the speakeasy, on Friday and Saturday nights! This trip was an all-around fun blast from the past that created great moments for the residents to recall some personal history from yester-year!

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