Truman Library: Love Letter’s of Harry Truman

Today we spent our Valentine’s Day with a historical figure from the past, Harry S. Truman. We listened to the love letters and family correspondence read to us by the curator of the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum in a special presentation. We got an overwhelming understanding on how loving and compassionate our 33rd President was toward his wife, family, and friends. He displayed an abundance of integrity and compassion for his fellow humans, and that was truly revealing in over 1300 of his letters. Seeing these letters left us with a resounding appreciation for the power of words and the personal connection between the human touch of letter writing. The ladies today were amazed at his compassion, sense of commitment, and freedom with self expression. Many hearts were wooed by the letters today…so much that it would have even made Bess Truman blush! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo Caption: The ladies both agreed that they wouldn’t have been able to resist the charms of a young Harry Truman. Resident Dorothy Frederick said, “if only my husband had written me letters like that!”

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