TWA Museum: Up…up…and away!

The Trans World Airline was as synonymous with Kansas City as barbeque. Starting in the 1930’s by owner-operator Jack Frye and investment partner Howard Hughes, the company sought to take flight intercontinental and by the 1940’s they did just that! Setting up Kansas City as the company’s headquarters, Kansas City was put on the map as destination stop #1.

A group of us from Greenbriar took a trip to visit the wonderful museum dedicated to the aviation marvels and history that bore inception of the modern airline industry, and that history all started in our own hometown! The group was amazed at how much of an influence Kansas City played in starting one of the past top four airline companies. We were even fortunate enough to take along some Residents that spent 30 or more years of their careers dedicated to the TWA company. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane and a great opportunity to see the aviation pioneers of a by-gone era. This experience was truly rewarding to any fan of aviation history, it was sure to keep you soaring at 35,000 feet!

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