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Resident Gordon Gardiner was thrilled to travel back to the English Isles for a new adventure to see a historic monument that he missed on his many trips to the isles. This time instead of a 14 hour flight, traveling thousands of miles, and hiking through the country side he was able to see the megalithic structure, Stonehenge! Boasting the life-likeness of the actual site, Gordon got to experience two firsts…virtual reality and Stonehenge! “This experience is surreal,” said Gordon. “I’m just speechless,” he said with an awe struck face. It was a rewarding experience watching him walk the grounds of Stonehenge and explore the site that gave him closure to his many England, Ireland, and Scotland travels. Out of all of the sites that he has visited…Stonehenge was last on his list! In addition to all of the wondrous experiences with Stonehenge he also got to experience some natural history firsts as well. The full-sized skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex was an equally awing rival to Stonehenge. This was an all-around day of firsts for Gordon, and we were happy that we got to be a part of his adventure!

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