Weekend Outing at Harris-Kearney House!

We had a blast this past weekend at Cupini’s Restaurant and Harris-Kearney House Museum in historic Wesport! It was a weekend of many firsts for the Residents. It was many Residents first trip to the Harris-Kearney House…first time to Cupini’s Italian Restaurant…and the most exciting things of all…the Resident’s first “selfie”! We exploded into the 21st Century with some kitschy techno culture…which made the Residents feel ultra hip! We also learned a lot about the formative years of the early Kansas City area dating back to pre-Westward Expansion. One of our Residents, Dorothy Erickson, danced to some Civil War era music with a young chap who was dressed up as a reenactor…it was a great opportunity to make living history with history!


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