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Easter Egg Hunt at Greebriar!

This year was another wonderful time with family and friends for our Easter egg hunt! This year we had about 37 children present with about 20 families. In total we had a wonderful turn out of 93 Residents/Family/Friends/Guests present for a fun filled afternoon. The success of this wonderful event couldn’t be done without the commitment and faithfulness of our residents. Each year the residents stuff about 1,300 plastic eggs with candy for the children. This opportunity to spend time together with family has become just as much of a family tradition for many of the resident’s families as much as it has also become a tradition for The Fountains as well. We are delighted to create these moments for family to come together and spend time coloring, watching Charlie Brown cartoons, enjoying some delicious snacks, and most of all… creating special family moments together. Whether age 9 or age 90, the generation gap is leveled and everyone gets to be a kid for an afternoon! We look forward to next year’s Easter egg hunt and the opportunity to create some meaningful moments for family to share together.

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